“Martin Davis Law did an excellent job of helping to resolve a very difficult business dissolution. I was frustrated from working over a year with an unresponsive and disengaged business partner and her attorney to end our business relationship. When David and his team stepped in, we were finally able to push forward to a settlement that allowed me to keep the business and free it from the partnership. It took a great deal of cooperation and attention from David to resolve a situation that was intentionally made complicated. Martin Davis was never phased by sabotage and pit falls arranged by my partner and her legal representation. Thankfully, David’s experience, knowledge, and steady focus was unshakeable. My point of contact at the firm was thorough, accessible, and responsive on all communication. Each time I was frustrated or received new information, she was available to talk me through processes and offer calming support while explaining David’s strategy for making it through the turmoil. The experience and knowledge in the Martin Davis office is what finally got us to resolution and I would confidently choose them again if needed. (I hope I don’t need it, of course!) Thank you, Martin Davis, PLLC collectively for a job well done.”

Client of a business dissolution