Martin Davis provides a full range of general corporate law services, including assisting companies with “informal” corporate restructurings, contentious shareholders, competing investor interests and rights, complex recapitalization and compliance issues, and business acquisition negotiations.

Our corporate acquisitions, law and governance expertise includes the structuring of the entity (foreign or domestic), compliance within applicable jurisdictions, and entity selection and structure. We also help negotiate and document the terms and conditions of various mergers, asset acquisitions, and share exchanges. We help design/restructure capitalization tables as well as advise clients regarding board representation and control and other relevant agreements Рincluding shareholder agreements and license agreements Рto ensure the entity’s existence, compliance and proper allocation of shares.

Our corporate formation and maintenance services involve the ongoing amending, updating, and drafting of articles of incorporation and bylaws, as well as other operational agreements, as necessary, in order to protect and preserve the corporate form and make certain the corporation receives all the benefits to which it is entitled.