We assist clients with designing, documenting, and issuing various types of securities, both traditional and digital. Our work in the capital markets typically involves creating and closing the private placement of securities in the capital markets and complying with the numerous issues regarding the relevant exemptions and registration requirements associated with the issuance of securities.

Martin Davis has experience in identifying capital sources and introducing those capital sources to the appropriate parties. As lawyers to entrepreneurs and venture transactions, access to capital markets, understanding the appropriate capital source for a prospective transaction, identifying those sources and helping secure the best terms for debt or equity issuance are important steps in the evolution of an early stage business.

In addition, we have experience in evaluating the propriety and structure of any given financing. Our practice in capital markets includes both access and introduction to capital sources, as well as structuring the terms and timing of capital investment. We are also experienced at making certain that the financing terms and conditions reflect the best interests of the client and are appropriate given market circumstances. Finally, we work with our clients to strategize and confirm the steps necessary to (i) secure the required capital, (ii) evaluate transaction conditions, such as capital market conditions for early stage, high risk, or limited liquidity investments, and (iii) structure transactions to ensure these conditions meet the needs of our clients.