We structure, negotiate, and draft terms and conditions for licensing and/or transferring various proprietary technologies and other licensable assets.

Our business background enables us to see clearly the importance of creating, preserving and aggregating intellectual property (IP) for, among other things, executing the business plan and enhancing enterprise value. The client’s identification and protection of IP, whether it’s in the form of a name, logo, process or procedure, or particular protocols, creates additional value and enables the clients to identify, articulate, and license this value. We have helped clients monetize their IP logos, brand names, and other names, images, and likenesses. The ability to identify and capture meaningful IP is important for early stage and emerging growth businesses. We help craft transactions with respect to particular IP and establish the terms of the license or transfer of the IP in order to optimize its value. We represent both licenses and licensors.

As businesses rely increasingly on e-commerce and their ability to protect their particular brand, name, likeness, and other proprietary information in connection with operating their business, we assist businesses in helping create the contractual agreements and secure the operational talent and arrangements required to protect certain images and product offerings as the product goes to market. Product description, supply and sales performance agreements, distribution agreements, intellectual property and compliance arrangements are all incorporated, as necessary, into our analysis and advice when working with clients who are creating and distributing products and services online.