Since 2014, Martin Davis has worked with clients in the Washington State cannabis market. We have been involved in the legalization of cannabis from inception. Our cannabis practices focuses on licensing matters involving local and state governments and regulatory agencies including the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. We also provide continuous advice to our clients through licensing, change of ownership, change of location, license suspensions and revocation matters. We also assist clients in establishing proper “supply chain” reporting protocols during growth, harvest, and sale of product.

We are involved in helping identify and build businesses that serve the licensed marijuana industry as well as advise and assist licensees. We believe the cannabis industry is moving toward decriminalization and as such, provide advice and insight to both the licensee and those that offer products and services to the licensed industry. This advice includes an assessment of the economic realities of a large global industry in its infancy. As such, we believe access to capital, aggregation of assets and ability to scale are some of the most important business imperatives associated with operating in this industry. We advise and assist licensees and service and product providers with documentation and introductions to help capitalize, aggregate and scale their businesses. We also believe this industry will inevitably require more sophistication with respect to supply chain management, product distribution, product creation, and compliance oversight. We believe the multiple phenomena associated with (i) a nascent, early stage industry, (ii) marijuana decriminalization, (iii) scale, (iv) improved capital access, and (v) new product creation and distribution makes for a unique, valuable, and challenging opportunity. We help identify and solve the legal, financial, and regulatory issues clients face in the ever-evolving industry.