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Why Choose Martin Davis

At Martin Davis, PLLC we pride ourselves on the wide range of services we provide to our clients. As a boutique practice, we are well situated to offer clients a combination of deep personalized experience with a bias toward finding creative and flexible solutions. Also, we are timely and accessible, with an emphasis on efficiency and transparency in our legal and administrative processes and procedures. Finally, we are focused on ensuring our client’s legal and business matters are addressed using a customized hands on approach.

Our Practice Areas

Capital Markets

We assist clients with designing, documenting, and issuing various types of securities, both traditional and digital. Our work in the capital markets typically involves creating and closing the private placement of securities in the capital markets and complying with the numerous issues regarding the relevant exemptions and registration requirements associated with the issuance of securities.

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Corporate Acquisitions, Law & Governance

Martin Davis provides a full range of general corporate law services, including assisting companies with "informal" corporate restructurings, contentious shareholders, competing investor interests and rights, complex recapitalization and compliance issues, and business acquisition negotiations.

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Transaction Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We participate in the resolution of business issues via our active representation of clients in court or arbitration. Our litigation and arbitration experience and emphasis is focused on transaction-related issues regarding business restructuring, debt arrangements, complex equity investments, breaches of contract and securities matters.

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Securities and Corporate Finance

We have deep experience in designing a wide range of securities and advising on the appropriate distribution of those securities via private placements or private offerings. Our experience includes helping to design the preferences, terms and conditions, and enterprise value determination associated with a particular security. We also help advise clients on the development and construction of a company’s capitalization structure. This includes ensuring proper designation of capital stock and maintaining clarity with respect to the relationship between the equity and debt of a businesses.

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Digital Currency & Tokenization

Our digital currency and tokenization practices includes private token sales and initial coin offerings of digital currencies on established and emerging blockchains. Martin Davis provides experience, insight, and practical advice on this evolving business sector with a focus on the integration of blockchain technology with tokenization applications, decentralized distribution of assets, the application of corporate governance rights (e.g. voting rights) to these assets, security token offerings and the design of token utility, the development application of decentralized business and capital models and the use of tokens and cryptocurrency in the creation of these models.

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Multi-State Cannabis Operations

Since 2012, Martin Davis has worked with clients in the Washington State cannabis market. Martin Davis, PLLC has been involved in the legalization of cannabis from inception. Our cannabis practices focuses on licensing matters involving local and state governments and regulatory agencies including the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. We also provide continuous advice to our clients through licensing, change of ownership, change of location, license suspensions and revocation matters. We also assist clients in establishing proper “supply chain” reporting protocols during growth, harvest, and sale of product.

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Real Estate Transactions and Financing

We have helped identify and complete several financings of both commercial and residential real estate developments. We help structure debt and equity capitalization required for such projects, and have introduced several lending and private equity sources to our commercial and residential projects. Our work includes the creation of offering documents for equity participation, as well as loan and other transaction documents designed for securing debt. Martin Davis has worked on projects up and down the west coast, through certain southwest states as well as in Mexico. We have helped many real estate projects secure debt and equity capital as well as realize meaningful exits.

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Intellectual Property and Consumer Products and Services

We structure, negotiate, and draft terms and conditions for licensing and/or transferring various proprietary technologies and other licensable assets. Our business background enables us to see clearly the importance of creating, preserving and aggregating intellectual property (IP) for, among other things, executing the business plan and enhancing enterprise value. The client’s identification and protection of IP, whether it’s in the form of a name, logo, process or procedure, or particular protocols, creates additional value and enables the clients to identify, articulate, and license this value.

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About Martin Davis Law

Martin Davis, PLLC works with a wide range of businesses and provides highly personalized and transaction-specific advice, leveraging our securities, capital markets, capitalization and business formation experience to provide recommendations customized to each client’s specific needs. Additionally, we assist clients with accessing capital and collaborating with professionals in other disciplines, such as business operations, marketing, financing and project management. Our combination of legal experience and business acumen has helped clients resolve a broad spectrum of legal, financial and regulatory matters.