Our digital currency and tokenization practices includes private token sales and initial coin offerings of digital currencies on established and emerging blockchains. Martin Davis provides experience, insight, and practical advice on this evolving business sector with a focus on the integration of blockchain technology with tokenization applications, decentralized distribution of assets, the application of corporate governance rights (e.g. voting rights) to these assets, security token offerings and the design of token utility, the development and application of decentralized business and capital models and the use of tokens and cryptocurrency in the creation of these models.

We provide support with project strategy and development, private token sales, Security Token Offerings (STO) or Initial Dex Offerings (IDO), documentation, and compliance. Additionally, we advise on structural, financial, and regulatory issues regarding crypto-equity ventures, specifically with respect to digital currency exchanges, applicable regulations, and securities law. We assist clients in creating digital securities, utility tokens, and tokens backed by real world assets such as real estate, art, and professional sports franchises. These innovative securities and assets are all deployed in an effort to democratize access to various asset classes, assist in the monetization of these assets and do so in a decentralized manner.

Tokenization involves identifying a capital structure for an asset or a particular set of assets and creating digital representations thereof. The distribution and/or sale of those digital representations enables broad investor participation in the particular asset class and helps effect a more decentralized participation in the asset class. Business sectors in which Martin Davis is involved include professional sports franchises, gaming, art, and commercial real estate. In each instance, without tokenization, these asset classes are restricted to a relatively narrow segment of the global capital markets. The “tokenization” of a particular asset creates a near-term liquidity for the token investor, as these tokens will transact designated blockchain protocols and helps effect the global distribution of the tokens and, likewise, a global audience. Tokenization eliminates the constraints and limitations associated currently with numerous small investors having little to no access to high value, exclusive asset classes. Decentralized tokenization of asset classes democratizes access to the asset class and offers an opportunity for more wealth creation among a much broader segment of the global economy.